Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner Removal Guide

Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner is a potentially unwanted program (PUP)

Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner is classified as a PUP but is advertised as a system optimization program for Mac computers. It’s not a harmful program that will damage your computer, but it also isn’t something that will be particularly useful. The program claims to offer loads of features for optimizing Mac devices, such as deleting old/unnecessary/duplicate files, clean email, delete unneeded iTunes’ backups, and uninstall unused apps. We should mention that everything the program offers you can do yourself manually without any difficulty.

Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner

These kinds of programs are often advertised as some kind of miracle cure that will speed up a sluggish computer when in reality they barely do anything. They certainly won’t be able to magically make your Mac work like a brand new one. The best it will do is delete a few old files that have little effect.

These kinds of programs often use certain scare tactics to make users buy the full program. It will detect all kinds of issues on your device but to use the program to fix whatever has been detected, you will need to first purchase the full version of the program. And paying $25 for a program that barely does anything would be a waste of money. We strongly recommend you delete Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner and not waste your time.

Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner installation

The program is available for download on the developer’s site. However, with so many similar program available, it would be rather strange if you come upon this particular one. It’s certainly not the first program to come up in search results when you search for Mac optimizers.

It is possible that the program is being pushed via fake virus notifications, or comes attached to free programs. If you regularly install free programs, you should already be aware that they often come together with added offers. Those offers are generally adware, browser hijackers, as well as PUPs. The offers are set to install alongside the freeware automatically, unless users manually deselect them. Most users do not do that because the offers are hidden. To avoid these unwanted offer, users need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings during freeware installation, uncheck the boxes of all offers, and only then continue with the installation process.

It’s also possible that you were tricked into installing the program by a fake alert that claimed your Mac has a lot of issues that are slowing down your system. These fake alerts are usually encountered on high-risk websites and are made to appear like legitimate Apple notifications. They falsely claim that your device is in danger and offer you a program that will fix everything. For future reference, every single one of these alerts that appear in your browser will be scams. And you should never download anything from advertisements.

Should you remove Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner

As we mentioned previously, the program is advertised as a useful tool that help optimize your Mac and make it work better. However, while the offered features may seem useful, the program doesn’t really do anything. Deleting a few old/unused files will not make your Mac run better, it will merely free up some space. It also claims to allow you to monitor your system performance, but you do not need a program to do that.

Everything the program does, you can do yourself without any issues. You can delete no longer used files, you can monitor your system’s performance via Activity Monitor, you can uninstall programs by dragging them to the trash, etc.

The program is not free. It may perform a scan for free, but you will be unable to clean anything without purchasing the full version. If you go to the program’s official site, the program can be purchased for $19.96. This is a discount price that is supposed to be time-limited but while there a countdown for when the offer ends, it’s always 7 days. Any visitor that enters the site will always see the 7 days countdown, which just goes to show that the suppose discount and the countdown are just a marketing trick to pressure users into making the purchase.

Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner removal

If you have decided to uninstall Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner, you should be able to do it fairly easily. The quickest way would be to use anti-spyware software because the program would take care of everything. However, you can also do it manually. Open Finder -> Applications, find Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner and drag it to the trash. Do the same thing to all related files. Right-click on the trash icon and press Empty Trash.Download Removal Toolto remove Apeaksoft Mac Cleaner Removal Guide

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