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About Boost My Mac

Boost My Mac is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), promoted as a tool that will supposedly boost your Mac. Because users often look for programs to boost their devices, scammers use this opportunity to push highly questionable system optimizers. Questionable system optimizers like¬†Boost My Mac aim to trick you into purchasing programs which are completely useless. Boost My Mac will install without your explicit permission, and then pester you with notifications about supposed issues on your computer. The number of issues supposedly found can reach a couple of hundred. The program expects you to look at the amount of issues found and try to fix them using the program. However, in order to use the program’s fix feature, you’d need to purchase the full version first. Obviously, we do not recommend purchasing the program as it’s likely trying to trick you. You should carefully check the scan results to see if the issues actually exist in the first place.

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You likely do not remember installing the program. It is often the case that PUPs come attached to free software as extra offers, and if you do not deselect them during installation, they will install alongside. If you wish to learn how to install free programs correctly, read the next section of this report carefully. If the reason you are reading this is to find out how to remove Boost My Mac, proceed to the last section of this report.

PUP distribution methods

There is a slight possibility that you installed the program yourself, thinking it will improve your Mac’s performance. If that is the case, we recommend you be careful about what you install in the future.

If you cannot recall installing the program, it could have installed alongside some free software. Freeware often comes with added offers, and therefore, you need to learn how to avoid those offers. During freeware installation, always opt for Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default. Advanced settings will make all offers visible, as they’d otherwise be hidden. If there is something attached, we recommend you deselect it. Programs that use software bundling to spread are highly questionable, and should not be installed on your Mac. It’s much easier to prevent their installation from the very beginning than it is to later have to get rid of them.

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Should you uninstall Boost My Mac?

As soon as the program installs on your Mac, it will start pestering you with notifications about issues on your device. Most of them are related to cache and logs. Despite the alarmingly large amount of issues supposedly detected, there’s likely not much wrong with your computer. Since the program is trying to get sales, it may be showing you false results. Either they are very minor and don’t actually affect your device in a negative way, or they don’t exist at all.

If you try to use the program to fix those issues, you will be asked to buy the full version. Asking users to first purchase the program before being able to fully use it is not an uncommon practice, but it’s also used by fraudulent programs to get sales. Obviously, we do not recommend buying the program, as it’s likely trying to trick you.

In general, many people believe that system optimizers are unnecessary and would be a waste of money. If you do not agree with that, and wish to use a legitimate system optimization tool, there are free options out there.

Boost My Mac removal

It shouldn’t be difficult to delete Boost My Mac from your Mac computer. Open Finder -> Applications. Find Boost My Mac and drag it to the trash icon in your dock. Right-click on trash and press “Empty Trash”.


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