Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus Removal

What is Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus

Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus refers to a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that falls into the adware category. It targets Mac computers and exposes users to highly questionable sponsored content in order to generate revenue, hence why it’s classified as adware. While it’s technically not a virus, many people refer to it as such due its annoying behaviour. But the PUP is not dangerous to the Mac by itself as it does not harm the computer. All it really does is expose users to highly questionable content, such as scams and potential malware. Despite adware being relatively harmless, it is incredibly annoying because it constantly bombards you with ads. Thus, unless you like seeing more ads than usual, we recommend you delete Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus.

Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus

If this PUP is installed on your computer, you likely did not install it yourself. It is advertised on a legitimate sites as a useful extension that would improve the browsing experience, but it’s much more likely that it installed without you even knowing. In what’s known as software bundling, infections like adware come attached to free software as additional offers that are permitted to install alongside without requiring additional permission. It’s not difficult to prevent these unwanted installations, though most users aren’t even aware of anything being attached to the programs they are installing.

How to prevent unwanted programs from installing

Software bundling is a pretty sneaky method of installing programs, which is why it’s so widely used by unwanted program developers. It’s usually adware, browser hijackers and PUPs that come attached to freeware, and they’re attached in a way that allows them to install alongside without users even knowing. Whatever is attached to the freeware, it’s optional so users can stop them from installing. However, because the offers are hidden, users end up missing them, thus allowing them to install.

Next time you install free programs, make sure you pay attention to the installation process. At some point, you will be asked to choose between Express (Basic) or Advanced (Custom) settings. If you opt for Custom, you will be able to deselect all offers. Simply unchecking the boxes of those offers is enough.

It is possible that you downloaded the program yourself, thinking it will somehow improve your browsing. Though it’s highly unlikely as the chances of you stumbling upon this particular extension are pretty low because there a lot of similar ones available. On the off chance that you did download it yourself, we recommend you start researching programs before installing them.

Is Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus dangerous

As we said above, Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus is a mere PUP with adware characteristics. This means that it will not harm your computer directly. What it will do is constantly show you advertisement content. Whatever sites you visit, you will be bombarded with ads, shown pop-ups and be redirected to potentially dangerous websites. While adware is installed, it’s recommended to avoid interacting with ads as they could be potentially dangerous.

It’s not the adware itself that is dangerous, it’s the ads that it shows you. Adware is often responsible for showing tech-support scams that claim there is something wrong with the computer. These fake notifications try to scare users into calling fake tech-support numbers so that professional scammers could trick them into paying significant sums of money for fixing non-existent issues. If you ever encounter one of these alerts claiming a virus is on your computer and that you need to call the provided number, you can ignore it. Alerts about viruses appearing in your browser will never be legitimate, especially ones with phone numbers so keep that in mind.

Overall, while the extension will not harm your computer directly, it could potentially expose you to dangerous content. Thus, it would be best to remove it.

Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus removal

Because you’re dealing with a rather pesky adware infection, it may be easiest to use anti-spyware software to remove Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus. You can uninstall Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus manually as well, though that may require more effort because you’d have to locate all related files yourself.Download Removal Toolto remove Cool New Tab Theme Mac virus Removal

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