How to remove ContentStyles

What is ContentStyles

ContentStyles is an adware program targeting Macs that is advertised as an extension for a better browsing experience. There are many completely identical programs like UpgradeIdeas, PanelStart, etc. They’re all adware, and they’re all going to show you ads. The main purpose of adware is to show you ads and generate revenue, and it has no useful features. But the constant flow of pesky ads is why adware is such a noticeable infection. You can also see ContentStyles among your Applications in Finder. The program has a logo of a magnifying glass. If you see it among your programs, we suggest you get rid of it as soon as possible. While not the most dangerous infection your Mac could get infected with, adware can be dangerous. The ads it exposes you to are not always safe and could lead to a serious malware infection. The ads could also be pushing you to download questionable programs, fake updates, and encouraging you to participate in scams. This adware has no useful features, and the sooner you delete ContentStyles, the better.


Adware distribution methods

In most cases, users are tricked into installing adware. It’s usually because users fall for those fake update notification ads that appear when browsing questionable sites, or because they don’t pay attention when installing free programs.

We should note that many free programs have extra offers attached to them. The offers usually include adware, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). They are also hidden from users initially but will install alongside unless they’re manually deselected. Users are unable to deselect them because they use Default settings, which hide the offers. To make them visible, users need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will also allow users to deselect all offers.

Adware is also pushed disguised as fake updates. The fake updates are usually for Flash Player and are advertised as critical. If users fall for it and download the supposed update, they end up with an unwanted or even malicious program. You should keep in mind that legitimate update notifications never appear in a browser. Most programs update automatically, and if doing it manually is necessary, the update should be downloaded from the official website.

What does adware do

Adware is relatively harmless compared to other infections. It won’t directly harm your computer, nor will it install other malware. However, it will attach itself to all popular browser you use, whether it’s Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and constantly show you ads. This includes regular ads, pop-ups and redirects. Because adware ads are far from reliable, it’s not recommended to engage with any while adware is still installed. The ads could be promoting more questionable programs, or trying to trick you into participating in a scam.

Adware is also known for tracking users. It collects information like what sites users visit, what they search for, their location, etc. The information is later shared with unknown third-parties.

ContentStyles removal

While it’s not the most dangerous infection, you need to remove ContentStyles. It would be easiest to use anti-spyware software for this. Adware can be a pesky infection and manually locating all its related files can be difficult. However, it is possible to uninstall ContentStyles manaully.

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