How to remove PC Matic

What is PC Matic?

PC Matic is promoted as a tool that can provide your computer with superior protection compared to other anti-malware tools you can acquire online. That seems like a bold statement to make for an application that uses the bundling distribution method to spread on the Internet. Although it has an official page where its description as the “superior tool” can be found, in reality the app also gets attached to other freeware and often gets installed unnoticed by the user. If the product were indeed so beneficial, it would certainly not need to use deceptive distribution methods. That is why we advise that you delete PC Matic and put your trust into more reputable software.

PC matic

How does PC Matic work?

Unless you specifically opened PC Matic website and downloaded the program from it, chances are it entered your system when you were downloading and installing another piece of software. Free software that you download from third-party sites usually comes bundled with other apps that are labeled potentially unwanted. These apps appear as additional offers in the setup and are often unnoticed by users, especially if they install software without paying attention to every step and just choosing the Recommended more. What is actually recommended is installing only the software that you need and declining all additional offers that come with it.

Unfortunately, PC Matic is not nearly as useful as it claims to be. It is, however, ad-supported, which means that it will deliver ads to your browsers no matter which sites you visit. You will encounter coupons, banners, and other adverts and get redirected to unknown sponsored pages. You should be especially careful with this advertising content as there is no way you can trust it. Clicking on fake ads even by accident can lead to malware infections and other unwelcome consequences. If you wish to go back to safer online browsing, you should terminate PC Matic.

How to remove PC Matic?

The sooner you get rid of PC Matic, the better, and the same goes for other potentially unwanted software that may be present on your device. You can eliminate PC Matic manually or automatically. Manual PC Matic removal instructions are provided below, however, if you want to make sure that your computer is infection-free, we advise that you go with the automatic solution instead. If you implement the anti-malware from our site, it will find all unwanted apps on your computer. The utility will perform a full scan and detect unwanted software as well as more dangerous threats like Trojans, worms, and malware. It will then delete PC Matic with other parasites and help you ensure your computer’s safety from other infections moving forward.

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