iMacCleaner Removal

What is iMacCleaner

iMacCleaner is a questionable system optimizer for Mac computers, classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to its behaviour. We should first of all mention that it’s not malware, nor is it a dangerous program. However, it’s not particularly useful either. It’s advertised as a program that will clean your computer, free up space and generally improve its performance. However, in reality it will barely benefit your device at all. PUPs like iMacCleaner barely do anything, let alone be able to improve your Mac’s performance. It’s also not a free program, it will request that you first buy it for $40 before you can use any of its features.


We do not believe the program will benefit you in any way, thus do not recommend buying it. There’s really no reason why you should not delete iMacCleaner from your Mac, particularly because you likely did not even install it knowingly. It could have been disguised as some kind of update, or pushed via fake virus notifications that appear in your browser. It may also be distributed via freeware bundles. Freeware bundling is essentially adding additional offers (adware, browser hijackers and PUPs) to free software as extra offers. If those offers are not deselected during installation, they are able to install alongside the program. Continue reading to learn how you can prevent such unwanted installations in the future.

iMacCleaner may install unknowingly to you

As we’ve said above, you didn’t necessarily install the program knowingly. In fact, it’s quite unlikely that you stumbled upon this particular system optimizer when looking for one because of the amount of such program available. It’s more likely that you were tricked into allowing it to install.

Questionable programs like iMacCleaner are often pushed via those fake “You have a virus” notifications you can encounter when browsing. Those notifications are ads but are made to seem like legitimate system alerts. They claim your computer has some kind of problem that requires you to download the program that’s offered. Those alerts are never legitimate and are just means to push users into installing questionable programs. Your browsers cannot detect malware infections or other problems on your computer.

The program could have also been attached to some free program you installed. This is called software bundling, and it’s a rather sneaky method of installation. The offers that come attached to free programs are purposely hidden from users and set to install alongside. To prevent these additional installations, users need to deselect the offers, and to do that choosing Advanced (Custom) settings during installation is necessary. Those settings will make all offers visible and all you have to do is uncheck boxes. Once you have done that, you can continue installing the program.

Should you remove iMacCleaner

As soon as the program installs, it will start notifying you about potential issues on your computer. The program claims to be able to optimize your computer by deleting old/large/unused files, and offers a couple of other features like a file shredder. It should be mentioned that everything the program claims to be able to do can be done by you manually without much trouble. You can permanently delete files without needing a “shredder”, can customize your startup to manage which programs launch upon startup, can delete unused files, etc.

The program will detect a lot of issues on your computer, most of which will likely be exaggerated to trick you into believing your Mac could use a system optimization tool. If you try to fix the detected issues with the program, you would be asked to first buy the program, which costs $40. Since the program barely does anything, buying it would be a waste of money.

Whether your Mac actually needs a system optimization tool is debatable. Many users agree that Mac can be managed without these kinds of tools, while others believe them to be useful. If you do think you could benefit from such a program, you should look into legitimate tools that have a good reputation.

iMacCleaner removal

The easiest way to delete iMacCleaner would be to use anti-spyware software. However, you should be able to uninstall iMacCleaner manually as well. Open Finder -> Applications, find and drag iMacCleaner to the trash. Trash all related files as well, including the installer. Right-click on the trash icon and press Empty Trash,

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