Mac Master by FonePaw Removal

What is Mac Master by FonePaw

Mac Master by FonePaw is a system optimization program for Mac computers. Like many similar programs, it’s classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is neither particularly dangerous nor useful. It’s one of those programs that offers to fix various computer issues if users buy the full program when said issues can be fixed by users themselves for free. The program will detect various issues on your computer and recommend that you perform a cleanup of the system using it. However, most of the program’s features are paid so you will be unable to use them unless you purchase the program for $29.95.

Mac Master by FonePaw

The program offers features like system status monitoring and cleanup. The monitoring feature will show you your disk and battery status, memory usage and CPU usage. These things are easily accessible for users without using system optimization programs, so there is no need for them. It also offers to clean your Mac of junk and other unnecessary files. Programs like Mac Master often claim that junk files and similar issues are the reason why computers may run slower. However, while a good manual cleanup of unnecessary files on a regular basis may be a good idea, there is no need to use a system optimizer for that. But unless there literally is no space on your device, removing a few files will have little affect on how your computer operates.

Mac Master by FonePaw Removal

Mac Master by FonePaw is not a harmful program, nor is it a virus, despite what some users may believe. It will not cause damage to your device nor will it steal anything. However, you should consider carefully whether paying $30 for a program that barely does anything is worth it.

If you are not going to use it, there is no need to keep it. You can remove Mac Master by FonePaw manually or use anti-virus software, as programs like AVG, McAfee, Sophos, Symantec and Avast detect it as a potential threat.

Is Mac Master by FonePaw dangerous

Before proceeding, it’s important to specify that this is not malware. It is safe to use but whether it’s actually useful is another topic. Once it installs, it will start showing you notifications about issues it has found on your computer. The issues will mainly be related to old/unnecessary files and unused apps, which, according to the program are negatively affecting your device. The program claims to detect junk, duplicate images, old/large files, deleted app leftovers, and redundant search history. It essentially does things you can easily do yourself. And it will not do it for free. The price for Mac Master is $29.95. You will be able to scan your Mac and fix a couple of issues for free but to fully use it you have to purchase the premium version.

Requiring that users first buy the program before being able to fully use it is not unusual, nor is it particularly frowned upon. However, system optimizers like Mac Master by FonePaw often exaggerate minor issues and make them seem much more serious than they actually are in order to pressure users into buying the full programs.

Whether your computer actually needs a system optimization program is debatable. It’s not difficult to keep a computer clean of junk files and running normally, and most things offered by system optimizers can be done by users manually.

Mac Master by FonePaw removal

Whether you keep or uninstall Mac Master by FonePaw is your decision. If, after familiarizing yourself with the program, you do not believe it will be of any use to you, you can delete Mac Master by FonePaw. You should be able to do it manually, as well as using anti-virus software. Some anti-virus tools like Avast and Symantec do detect it so you can use them. For manual removal find and drag the program (from the Applications folder) and all related files to the Trash, right-click on the trash icon and select “Empty Trash”. If you are prevented from uninstalling the program because it’s still running, open your Activity Monitor (Finder -> Applications -> Utilities), stop the program’s process, and then delete it.Download Removal Toolto remove Mac Master by FonePaw Removal

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