MacBooster Removal Guide

What is MacBooster

MacBooster is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), advertised as a system optimizer for Mac computers. While MacBooster may appear legitimate at first sight, it installs without explicit permission and barely does anything, while requesting that you buy the full version. It’s not a malicious program, nor should it harm your computer, however, keeping it installed or buying the full version is not recommended. Buying programs like MacBooster is a waste of money as they barely do anything. When it initially installs, it will try to convince you that your Mac has some serious issues that need fixing, but its scan results are likely either fake or exaggerated to make you buy the full version. Your best course of action right now would be to delete MacBooster from your Mac.


The program probably installed via software bundling, which means it didn’t ask for your explicit permission. Software bundling essentially means that additional programs (usually unwanted) are attached to popular freeware as extra offers. If those offers are not deselected when users install the freeware, they install alongside.

How did MacBooster install

There are two ways the program could have installed on your device, either you installed it yourself or it was attached to a free program you installed. The former is quite possible, as users are often tricked into installing useless programs. You may have seen an ad that said your computer was full of issues, or you may have searched for a system optimizer and came across this one. Whatever the case may be, we suggest you research programs before installing them in the future.

If it installed via software bundling, you need to pay closer attention to how you install programs. A lot of free programs come with attached extra offers, which are authorised to install alongside if they are not manually deselected. If you want to prevent these unwanted installations, carefully follow installation processes and opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. Those settings will make all extra offers visible, and you will be allowed to deselect everything. If you install programs in Default, extra offers will likely be hidden from you. Simply uncheck the boxes and continue the installation.

None of the programs that are added to freeware are useful. They’re usually adware, browser hijackers or PUPs. Thus, you should always deselect all offers.

Should you uninstall MacBooster?

Once the program installs, it will start showing you notifications about junk files, viruses, old data, memory issues, etc. It will likely detect hundreds of issues, but not all will be legitimate. The results will probably be exaggerated to make you think that your computer is in serious trouble. However, if you try to fix the issues with the programs, you will be asked to first buy the full program. This is not that unusual, many legitimate programs first need to be purchased before they can be used, but the issue is how PUPs try to pressure users into making that purchase. We suggest you take a closer look at the scan results, as they may be surprising.

The lowest priced subscription plan of MacBooster 7 is the Standard one (1 Mac) for $39.95/12 months. That’s not exactly cheap, especially for a program that will likely do nothing beneficial. We also recommend being careful about giving your payment information to questionable parties. And canceling the subscription after you purchase one can be difficult, purposely done by the company in order to make money.

In general, it’s doubtful your Mac needs a program like MacBooster. Modern computers are fully capable of managing themselves without needing to be cleaned by system optimizers. Most of the things those programs do can be done manually quite easily. And if you need anti-virus software, you should choose a reliable vendor.

MacBooster removal

If you have decided to remove MacBooster, you should be able to do it manually without too much trouble. However, if you aren’t familiar with how to do it, it may be a good idea to use anti-virus software. Most reliable security tools should be able to detect and delete MacBooster.

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