MacPerformance – How to remove

What is MacPerformance

MacPerformance is an adware programs that disrupt your normal computer use with various intrusive pop-up advertisements. Rather than the program being installed by users intentionally, it usually installs without users even noticing. To do this, the program uses software bundling. Software bundling allows unwanted programs like MacPerformance to install without requiring users’ explicit permission, which is why it’s a popular methods among unwanted program developers. Continue reading to find out how you could avoid these useless installations.


It should be mentioned that MacPerformance is not malicious. However, that does not mean it’s harmless either. It will show you loads of fake pop-ups and even try to take control over your browser. So while it’s not outright malicious, the sooner you remove MacPerformance the better. In the meantime, be very skeptical of any alerts you see on your Mac’s screen. If they seem even remotely suspicious or mention MacPerformance, do not interact with it.

How does adware infect Mac computers

In order to successfully trick users into thinking that MacPerformance is a legitimate Mac program, the adware needs to install unnoticed to users. Bundling software allows that. A lot of free programs, particularity available on those free download websites, have items attached to them. Those items are adware, browser hijackers, and other potentially unwanted programs. Those items are preselected to install alongside the freeware, unless users manually deselect them.

So what likely happened was MacPerformance was attached to a free program, and when you were installing said program, you did not notice the adware. This is not unusual because the offers are hidden from users. In order to make them visible during freeware installation, you need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings not only make added offers visible, but also allow you to deselect them. We strongly suggest you deselect the offers every time you install software.

Should you delete MacPerformance

When your Mac is infected with MacPerformance, you may encounter alerts mimicking legitimate Apple ones asking you to allow it to control your browser. The pop-up says : “MacPerformance” wants access to control “”, or if you’re using a different browser, it will change “” to something else. The fake alert would pop-up every time users open their browsers, and pressing “Don’t Allow” doesn’t do anything. If you do allow it access to your browser, it may be able to read sensitive information stored in it. The adware could have access to your history, saved logins/passwords, and other data. The adware is purposely named MacPerformance, something that sounds like a legitimate Mac application. Less tech-savvy users may see a seemingly legitimate name and an official looking alert, and not think twice about pressing “OK”.

MacPerformance removal

Getting rid of adware manually may be difficult as you would have to find where the infection is located. Using anti-malware software to uninstall MacPerformance would be much more efficient, so we recommend looking into which security program would work best for your Mac. After MacPerformance removal, you should no longer see any suspicious alerts on your screen.

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