OptimalAssist adware Removal

What is OptimalAssist?

OptimalAssist is classified as adware and a browser hijacker that can alter your browser settings without your permission. It changes your home page and search engine to Safefinder.com, inserts ads into your visited domains, and causes unwanted redirects. The application is used to make profit through online advertisements. Despite it being promoted as a useful tool, its main purpose is to earn revenue for its developers. Although the app is not a serious threat, its symptoms should not be dismissed. Intrusive ads can lead to malign pages, visiting which could result in more serious infections. That is why we suggest that you delete OptimalAssist adware from your computer.

OptimalAssist adware

How does OptimalAssist work?

Ad-supported apps are promoted through free software bundles. When you download free software from suspect domains, you get presented with additional offers of potentially unwanted apps. These apps are installed automatically if you do not decline their installation in the Advanced mode. Because most users install freeware in the Recommended mode instead of the Advanced one, they unknowingly add unwanted apps onto their computer. Once the apps get installed, they start flooding your browsers with unwelcome ads, cause redirects, track your cookies, and more. All of these actions are taken to make money by employing the pay-per-click system, and all of them lower the quality of your online browsing.

In addition to lowering your surfing quality, the ads also expose you to unsafe content. You may be presented with completely fake banners, coupons, surveys, and other ads. If you click on one of the fake adverts, you may get rerouted to a corrupt website containing scams or malware. Falling for a scam can result in serious troubles like sharing your personal details with cyber crooks, wasting your money on non-existent products, downloading spyware or other parasites, and so on. If you wish to stay away from such unnecessary risks, we advise that you eliminate OptimalAssist adware from your device as soon as you can.

How to remove OptimalAssist adware?

There is no question that you should remove OptimalAssist adware as it does not have any benefits and it only disrupts your online surfing and exposes you to unreliable data. You can delete OptimalAssist adware manually or automatically. Automatic OptimalAssist adware removal is the more efficient solution as it involves using an anti-malware utility. You can acquire the malware remover from our page and use it to eliminate OptimalAssist adware and other unwelcome elements. The utility will scan your device, detect all threats, and terminate them without any complications. The alternative solution is to uninstall OptimalAssist adware manually. Instructions on how to complete manual removal are provided below. If you choose this option, make sure that you delete all unwanted apps along with OptimalAssist adware.

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