Osx Uninstaller – How to remove

What is Osx Uninstaller

Osx Uninstaller is a questionable Mac program that is advertised as a tool that helps uninstall programs. It’s supposed to help uninstall programs fully by deleting not only the program itself but any leftover file as well. It’s also classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by numerous security programs, and is unlikely to help maintain your Mac. It’s also not a free program, and can cost from $30 to $50, depending on which plan you choose. Paying any kind of money to uninstall programs from a Mac computer seems like a waste as they’re easily removable manually. There is no free trial to see how well the program works, or even if it works at all.

Osx Uninstaller

It’s worth mentioning that it’s not a harmful program. It shouldn’t cause issues, nor will it do damage. However, we are not encouraging you to buy the program. If you have already bought it but are unhappy with its services, seek a refund and delete Osx Uninstaller.

How can you install Osx Uninstaller?

You can download the program from the official website. The English used on the website has many mistakes, which makes it seem unprofessional and unreliable. It doesn’t seem to be distributed via freeware bundles, which is a good thing.

For future reference, before installing programs, you should do extensive research. You should check who the developer is, the reviews, what specialists are saying, the Privacy Policy, etc. If you cannot find any reliable information or if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, think twice before installing.

Is Osx Uninstaller harmful?

The program itself is not harmful. However, it is classified as a potentially unwanted program. You can find a list of anti-virus programs that detect Osx Uninstaller here.

The program starts automatically when you boot your Mac. This is completely unnecessary as you’re not uninstalling programs every time you use your Mac. You need to manually turn off this auto launch feature.

The program is supposed to help you uninstall programs but it doesn’t actually do anything you can’t do manually. It’s not difficult to delete programs manually by just dragging them to the Trash or using programs’ uninstallers. You can check the official Apple website for more detailed instructions.

If you take a look at the Privacy Policy, it explains what information they collect about you and how it’s used. They record your name, contact information including email address, and “other information” which they do not specify. The information will be essentially used to send you ads by email. The Privacy Policy also states that your data will be used to improve the company’s products and services. Furthermore, they will also send you the information they have about you, provided you’re willing to pay a fee, which is quite questionable.

Osx Uninstaller removal

If you wish to delete Osx Uninstaller, you can do so both manually and using anti-malware software. If you want to do it manually, find the application in Finder – Applications, and drag it to the Trash. Empty Trash. You can also use any of the anti-malware software that detect and remove Osx Uninstaller.

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