Remove Auto PC Care from MAC computers

What is Auto PC Care?

Auto PC Care is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), developed by PVVARK and advertised as a useful system optimization tool. In many cases, PUPs are disguised as system optimizers that can help speed up a computer and improve its general health. However, in reality they are computer pests that want users to buy their useless full versions. Various scare tactics are used to convince users that their computers are infected with viruses and are full of issues. Fake scan results show hundreds of problems but the supposed system optimizers cannot solve them unless users purchase their full versions. These purchases would be a waste of money because the programs do not do anything. And the scan results are usually fake. Instead of buying it, you should delete Auto PC Care because of these reasons.

Auto PC Care

In addition to the program trying to trick you into purchasing its useless full version, it can also install without explicit permission. Fake system optimizers often enter computers via software bundling, which essentially means they are attached to free software as extra offers. The reason Auto PC Care is on your computer is likely because you installed a free program that had it attached to it.

PUP distribution methods

Auto PC Care is advertised to some extent, thus it is possible you could have stumbled upon it when looking for system optimizers. However, it is much more possible that the PUP installed together with a free program. This method is known as software bundling, and it’s essentially adding additional offers to programs. Those offers are usually PUPs, adware and browser hijackers. This method is why users often think that the infections appear out of the blue.

You can prevent the installation of those unwanted offers as long as you pay attention to how you install free programs. Most importantly, you need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. If you pick Default, the extra offers will be hidden and you will be unable to deselect anything. However, Advanced will show the offers and give you the option of unchecking all of them. After you have unchecked all offers, you can continue installing program.

Should you uninstall Auto PC Care?

If you don’t remember installing the program and suspect it could have entered without your permission, there should be no question about whether the program needs to go.

As soon as it’s installed, it will start showing notifications about supposed issues on your device. The supposedly detected issues will be related to your computer’s performance, old registry entries, unnecessary files, unwanted programs, etc. The program will claim to detect tens or even hundreds of issues, and try to convince you that said issues are affecting your computer’s performance in negative way. Auto PC Care will offer to fix those issues but you will need to buy the full program first. The full version of the program costs €23.95, which is €23.95 too many for such a program.

The scan results are likely full of non-existent issues, or ones that are so minor they have no effect on your device. The results are just a trick to influence you to buy the program, which you certainly should not do. Furthermore, if you did buy the program and used it to “clean” your computer, it could end up deleting necessary files. Microsoft actually discourages users from using registry cleaners because they can do irreversible damage.

Whether computers actually need system optimizers is a debatable topic but if you believe your computer could benefit from such a program, there are much more reliable options out there.

Auto PC Care removal

You should be able to remove Auto PC Care fairly easily. However, if you are unsure about how to begin or what to do next, it may be best to use anti-spyware software to uninstall Auto PC Care.

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