Remove BenefitSites

What is BenefitSites

BenefitSites¬†is an adware program that targets Mac computers. It’s not the most dangerous infection but it’s also something you should take care of as soon as you notice it inhabiting your device. The main symptom of this infection is a noticeable increase in ads, and not just the regular ones. Adware pushes redirects and pop-ups, which are not incredibly annoying but also somewhat dangerous. Those ads promote questionable software and push infections disguised as updates. If you are dealing with this particular adware, some of the ads will display “powered by BenefitSites” or something similar.


Adware also spies on users and collects information related to browsing activities. It uses that information to generate more personalized ads which users are more likely to interact with. This data collection is not something that should be tolerated, especially if it’s done by questionable programs that aim to show as many ads as possible.

If you notice signs that adware could be inhabiting your computer, we strongly suggest scanning with anti-spyware software. It would detect and remove BenefitSites without you having to do anything.

How does BenefitSites install

In most cases, users install adware like BenefitSites themselves, albeit they are tricked into doing it. The adware could be disguised as some kind of fake update you are offered to download when browsing questionable websites. Those fake updates are pushed as essential for Flash Player or some other application, and users are tricked into installing them. However, the updates turn out to be some kind of adware or even worse, outright malware. If you can recall downloading an “update” recently, that could be how BenefitSites installed.

For future reference, never download anything pushed to you by ads. Legitimate update notifications are not shown in your browser, and will instead appear in the program itself. And most programs update automatically without you having to do anything. If you do update something manually, get the update from the official website, never advertisements.

Why BenefitSites removal is important

Adware is a pesky infection that aims to expose you to as many ads as possible. Your browser, whether you’re using Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, will display all kinds of ads, from banners to pop-ups and redirects, and will redirect you to highly questionable websites. However, annoying ads are not the only negative thing about BenefitSites. Most of the ads will be just annoying, but the occasional one can be dangerous. Some of the ads will advertise questionable programs and fake updates. We already mentioned that downloading programs/updates from advertisements could lead to some kind of infection, if not malware. Fake updates is probably how your Mac got infected with BenefitSites in the first place. In order to avoid potential malware, we strongly recommend you not interact with any ads while adware is installed.

Adware also collects information about users, their browsing habits, what sites they visit, what they search for, etc. This information is later shared with unknown third-parties and used to generate more relevant ads.

BenefitSites removal

Since adware can be pretty persistent, we recommend using anti-spyware software to uninstall BenefitSites. Finding where the program is located and all of its components manually can take a while, so using anti-spyware would be best. After you delete BenefitSites, you should no longer be getting questionable ads and redirects.

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