Remove K9-MacOptimizer – Why you need to do it

About K9-MacOptimizer

K9-MacOptimizer is a highly questionable program, advertised as a system optimization tool for Mac computers. It’s actually classified as a potentially unwanted program because it can install without permission. Furthermore, it will use various tricks to make you purchase its full version, which doesn’t actually do anything. The program is advertised as a tool that can help speed up your Mac by cleaning it from junk. However, it does not do it for free. While you can scan your Mac with the free version, you will need to purchase the full version in order to remove the detected issues. K9-MacOptimizer will display rather worrying results, with hundreds or even a thousand issues, but before you start worrying you should know that the scan results are just a trick to convince you to buy the program. Detected issues in the scan results could either be made up or be very minor. It’s very obvious that the program has no place on your device, and you should delete K9-MacOptimizer.


If you cannot recall installing the program, it’s possible it was attached to another program you installed. This is referred to as software bundling and it’s how most users end up with unwanted programs on their computers. This method of installation and how to avoid unwanted programs will be explained in the following section.

How does the program install?

The program likely installed via software bundling. It was probably attached to a free program you installed, and you did not notice. That is not unusual because many users do not notice. Adware, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) are commonly attached to free programs as additional offers, and unless they are manually deselected they can install alongside. Because the offers are mostly hidden, users are unable to deselect them.

To make added offers visible, you need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when installing free programs. Those settings will not only make everything added visible but also allow you to deselect all. All you really need to do is uncheck the boxes, after which you can continue the installation.

Unless you want to fill your Mac with junk, pay attention to what you install and how you do it.

Should you uninstall K9-MacOptimizer

The program may be advertised as a useful tool for improving your Mac’s performance, but in reality it’s actually trying to scam you. The program will show you false scan results and try to convince you that there are hundreds of issues. While the scan results may make it seem like there’s something seriously wrong with your Mac, if you were to take a closer look at the results you’d realize they’re not at all serious. In fact, they may not even exist, and it may all be a trick. And if they do, they can easily be fixed manually. Thus, there is no need to buy a program for such issues, no matter how much it costs.

Whether Mac computers benefit from system optimizers and cleaning programs is debatable, but if you strongly believe it would help your device, look into legitimate alternatives. Make sure to do research and pick a program that will not try to scam you.

K9-MacOptimizer removal

It should not be too difficult to remove K9-MacOptimizer manually, if you know how. Find the program in Applications (Finder -> Applications) and drag it to the trash. Find all components and files of the program and do the same. Empty trash. If you are unable to remove K9-MacOptimizer, use anti-spyware software.

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