Remove Mac Fixer Pro MacOS virus

What is Mac Fixer Pro MacOS virus

Mac Fixer Pro MacOS virus refers to a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that disguises itself as a system optimization tool for Mac computers. While it’s not malicious and will not harm your computer, it is classified as a PUP because of its behaviour and distribution methods. Like most programs of this kind, Mac Fixer Pro installs via software bundling. They are commonly attached to free software as extra offers, which are authorized to install alongside without requiring explicit permission. We will explain how you can avoid these unwanted installations in the following section of this report.

Mac Fixer Pro MacOS virus


The program is advertised as a cleanup utility for Mac computers. By deleting certain files and doing a general cleanup, the program claims to be able to speed up your Mac and improve its performance. However, it does not do it for free. It will scan your computer for issues for free but in order to resolve them, you’ll have to buy the full version. This practice of asking users to first purchase the full version is not unusual, but PUPs often persuade users to make the purchase by showing fake scan results. Mac Fixer Pro may be detecting issues that are very minor or not there at all just so you would buy the full version.

A lot of programs claim to be able to speed up your Mac but they’re mostly programs that do not work. Instead of buying it, we suggest you delete Mac Fixer Pro MacOS virus.

PUP distribution methods

PUPs often install without explicit permission, via software bundling. Unwanted programs like adware and browser hijackers are added to popular free software as extra offers, and if they are not deselected, they will install alongside. When users install freeware, they do not notice the pre-selected extra offers because they use Default settings. What you should do is opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. They will make all extra offers visible, and you will be able to deselect them. Deselecting all offers is recommended. Keep in mind that it’s much easier and quicker to deselect a few offers than it is to uninstall persistent programs.

Should you remove Mac Fixer Pro?

As soon as the program installs, it will start scanning your computer. It will show you annoying notifications about supposed issues on your computer and how you could speed up your Mac. The issues it detects are mostly related to cache, logs and other minor issues. The program is likely to claim to have found hundreds of issues, which could be rather worrying. However, if you were to take a closer look at what is detects, you’d see that all issues are very minor. For example, it has a section for issues with your trash manager. Essentially, if you have no emptied your trash, it detects files in it as issues. Or if you have unused languages enabled, it will detect them as issues. None of the problems it detects have any effect on your device, and all of them can easily be dealt with manually. There is no need for a program of this kind to be installed on your Mac.

We have mentioned before that this program is not free. It will let you scan for free but will ask you to buy the full program if you want to use its cleaning feature. In order to persuade users to buy the full versions, a lot of PUPs fake scan results. They could be detecting issues that are very minor or not there in the first place.

Mac computers have very little use of such programs, and any optimization tool you use is likely to have very little effect on your device so do not waste your money. If there are some issues, try to resolve them manually.

Mac Fixer Pro MacOS virus removal

Since it’s not particularly malicious, you should be able to uninstall Mac Fixer Pro MacOS virus fairly easily. If you are not familiar with how to uninstall programs, you need to open Finder -> Applications. Find Mac Fixer Pro and drag it to the trash. Drag all related files to the trash as well. Empty the trash and you should have successfully removed Mac Fixer Pro MacOS virus.

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