Remove MacReviver

MacReviver is a questionable Mac system optimizer

MacReviver is advertised as a system optimization tool for Macs, but is often classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). There are a couple of reasons for this classification, mainly because it tries to manipulate users into buying its full version. MacReviver looks like a typical system optimizer, it allows you to perform a scan for duplicate files, junk, and other issues. However, while it will scan for those issues, the free version will not fix them. You will be prompted to buy the full version of the program, which currently costs $29.99/year. But buying is not a good idea. If you have anti-malware software installed, it’s likely that it would detect MacReviver as a potential threat. If it does, you should delete MacReviver.


There are many similar PUPs for both Windows and Mac computers. They show fake results to pressure users into buying the full version. Those programs actually do very little, if anything, and buying them would be a waste of money.

PUP distribution methods

Many PUPs can install without requiring explicit permission from users. This method is called software bundling, and is popular among unwanted program developers. Software bundling is essentially adding additional offers like adware, browser hijackers and PUPs to free software. The offers will install alongside the freeware, unless users manually deselect them. However, in most cases, users are not even aware of anything being attached.

When installing free programs in the future make sure you pay attention. Most importantly, when given the choice opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will make all added offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. We recommend you always deselect all offers.

Some users may also download programs like MacReviver themselves intentionally. It is advertised as a useful system optimization program that will clean the computer from junk, unwanted files, etc. However, many anti-virus programs classify it as a PUP, and a Google search would have shown that. So if you did install MacReviver knowingly, next time do research before installing programs.

Should you uninstall MacReviver?

Once installed, the program looks like any normal system optimization tool. It has features like anti-theft, shredder, space cleaner, and duplicate/file finder. With the free version of the program, you will be able to scan your Mac, but will not be able to remove the issues fully without first buying the full program. Asking users to first buy the program before being able to fully use it is not unusual among legitimate software, but PUPs like MacReviver often use scare tactics to pressure users into buying them. Scan results are often manipulated to display a large amount of issues. Some issues are made up altogether, while others are very exaggerated. If you were to check MacReviver scan results, you would realize that you can fix all detected issues manually without much issue.

System optimizers, particularly questionable ones like MacReviver, can sometimes delete essential files so you need to be careful using them. Whether your Mac computer actually needs one is also debatable. In most cases, you can clean it yourself.

MacReviver removal

You should be able to remove MacReviver fairly easily both manually and using anti-virus software. If you have anti-virus installed, scan your computer and delete MacReviver. If you want to do it manually, you need to close the program, go to Finder -> Applications -> MacReviver. Drag MacReviver and all connected files into the Trash. Right-click on Trash and press “Empty Trash”.

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