Remove from MAC computer

What is is yet another browser hijacker to add to the already big list of computer intruders. To put it simply, hijacks your browser and changes the settings. It usually comes with free software and the user unintentionally installs it. It might seem convenient as it gives quick access to social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, but it is nothing more than a pc threat that will bring more trouble than good. Therefore, it is recommended to remove,


How you got infected

Like other browser hijackers, comes with other applications that the user chooses to download, usually free software. During the installation process, if the user does not pay attention to details when installing the program, he or she might end up with unwanted additional items. When installing something, use Advanced or Custom settings in order to see what you might be installing along with the free software., Do not skip through the Setup Wizard without paying attention because once the computer is infected, removal can be difficult.

What does it do? acts no different from other browser hijackers. If you start noticing that your computer has stared running slower than usual, there might be something wrong. The most telling sign is the change of your home page and search provider to domain. If you have no recollection of changing it, chances are, it was changed without your consent. You can not change the settings back without┬á removal. If you open your browser, be it Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari, you will be redirected to The user might also notice persistent advertisements in both the browser and the computer desktop, as well as strange search results that can lead to inappropriate websites.. That is because’s purpose is to lead users to certain websites in order to increase traffic, therefore earning money for the owners. If you try to restore the settings of your browser and it is unsuccessful, your computer has been infected. Therefore, it is strongly recommend to stay away from software that contains and to uninstall if it is noticed.

To uninstall

While it does not seem to be a serious infection, if you do not delete from the computer, it can lead to more infections, and they might be much more serious. can be downloading something without you knowing and it could have bigger consequences than just simply changed browser settings. It can be manually uninstalled but it is recommended that the user uses anti-malware software to delete in order to prevent accidental damage to the computer. Step by step instructions on how to use anti-malware software to remove will be provided bellow.

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