Remove Smart Mac Tuneup PUP

What is Smart Mac Tuneup?

Smart Mac Tuneup is a potentially unwanted application that is promoted as an optimization tool. It was developed by PC Wizer Technologies and is supposed to clean your Mac from junk files and other unwanted items thus improving its performance. Although the utility has an official web page and a legitimate Apple certificate, it is not as trustworthy as it may seem. The reason why the application is categorized as potentially unwanted is because it presents users with misleading information that is used as a scare tactic to make sure that they purchase the full version of the product. We advise against that. Instead, we suggest that you delete Smart Mac Tuneup PUP from your device and invest in a reliable utility.

Smart Mac Tuneup PUP

How does Smart Mac Tuneup PUP work?

The advertisements of the application states that it can offer you faster browsing, improved system speed, a full clean-up, and 24/7 protection. Those promises are not fully fulfilled by the program. Moreover, the distribution method that the application uses to spread online – free software bundles – is not the most honest one. During free software installation, users are often presented with additional offers that usually appear in the Advanced mode. If you install software without choosing the Advanced mode and deselecting unnecessary components, you acquire unwanted programs without even realizing it. If you do not remember installing Smart Mac Tuneup, that is likely how it ended up in your system.

Another issue with the optimizer is that it presents outdated entries and other benign items as serious system errors that need to be fixed right away. This is done in order to trick users into spending $9.99 per month, $49.99 every six months or $89.95 a year in order to upgrade the program to its full version. That money could be better spent on security suites that do not mislead their users and actually deliver on their promises.

How to remove Smart Mac Tuneup PUP?

If you do not plan on purchasing the full version of the application, there is no reason for you to hesitate with Smart Mac Tuneup PUP removal. You can uninstall Smart Mac Tuneup PUP manually or automatically. If you go with manual Smart Mac Tuneup PUP removal, you are welcome to follow the instructions prepared right below this article. If, on the other hand, you wish to not only delete Smart Mac Tuneup PUP, but also clean your system from other potential threats, you should make use of a reputable anti-malware utility. The anti-malware presented on our page can help you do just that. It will detect all unwanted and malign programs on your computer and eliminate Smart Mac Tuneup PUP with them.

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