Remove True PC Booster Master

What is True PC Booster Master?

True PC Booster Master is practically identical to PC Power Plus, The PC Power, BitSecure AV, and all of these programs are classified as potentially unwanted despite what their advertisements may claim. According to its creators, the app is supposed to help you improve your system’s performance by eliminating unwanted and even dangerous elements from it. Although the application can be downloaded from its official page, that is not how it normally ends up on computers. We urge you not to trust suspicious software that uses deceptive distribution methods, which is why we suggest that you delete True PC Booster Master from your device.

True PC Booster Master

How does True PC Booster Master work?

Software bundles is the main distribution method used by potentially unwanted programs for one simple reason: it allows them to enter systems surreptitiously. When users install freeware and shareware, they rarely pay attention to all steps of the installation wizard. By choosing the Recommended mode, they automatically agree to all additional offers that come with the software. These offers are adware, browser hijackers, and other unwanted apps. That is why it is important not to skip the steps of the setup and decline all optional offers when installing free third party software.

Once installed, True PC Booster Master will perform a full system scan and undoubtedly find thousands of errors and other issues. The results of the scan will be greatly exaggerated as the main purpose of the application is to be upgraded to its full (paid) version. In order to make profit, the program has to convince the user that the computer is in need of urgent care and attention, which may not be the case. Whatever the actual status of your system may be, you are better off allowing a trustworthy program to scan and clean it. As for the so-called optimizer, you should terminate True PC Booster Master without delay.

How to remove True PC Booster Master?

As it is not malicious, you can uninstall True PC Booster Master manually or automatically. Should you choose the manual True PC Booster Master removal option, you are welcome to use the instructions we have prepared below the article. If, on the other hand, you wish to delete True PC Booster Master and make sure that there are no other serious infections on your device, you should implement a reliable anti-malware utility. The malware remover from our site can help you identify the issues, eliminate True PC Booster Master, and erase other unwelcome items as well. In addition to that, it will stay useful to you moving forward as the malware remover comes with a number of other valuable features.

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