What is SearchAdditionally

SearchAdditionally is an adware program that is disguised as some kind of browser helper tool that will supposedly improve the browsing experience. In reality, all it does is show you advertisements in order to generate revenue. This is a very typical Mac adware infection and is not difficult to deal with. However, it’s recommended to delete SearchAdditionally as quickly as possible because until you do, you’ll be bombarded with ads, and not all will be safe. Adware can easily expose you to unsafe content because the ads are not checked. They could be advertising scams and even malicious software. Thus, until you get rid of the adware, it’s not a good idea to interact with ads.



Adware does not install by itself, users need to install it themselves. It usually happens accidentally, without users even realising it until it’s too late. Adware, and other unwanted programs use a method called software bundling. Software bundling is essentially adding additional offers (adware, browser hijackers, and other potentially unwanted programs) to other programs. When users install those programs, usually freeware, they end up installing the offers as well.

Adware distribution methods

As we mentioned above, adware usually installs alongside freeware. When users install the freeware, they are not informed of anything being added unless they opt for certain settings. Because of the offers being hidden, software bundling is not considered a good installation method.

In the future, when installing free programs, you need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default. Advanced settings will make all offers visible and you will have the option of deselecting everything. All you need to do is uncheck the boxes of those offers and continue the installation.

Keep in mind that most freeware will have stuff attached to it so you need to pay attention when installing programs. Otherwise, your computer will be full of clutter. And it’s much easier to prevent unwanted installations than it is to delete  already installed ones.

Should you uninstall SearchAdditionally

You probably already noticed what SearchAdditionally does, and it’s why you’re reading this. No matter which browser you are using (whether it’s Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), the adware is probably showing you ads and redirecting you to questionable pages, even when you’re on safe sites. This can get annoying very quickly so the sooner you deal with this, the better.

Until you do, avoid interacting with any ads. You may encounter ads encouraging you to download something, or ones advertising giveaways. Be particularly careful not to interact with those. Ads asking you to download something could be concealing malware, while giveaways will likely be simple scams trying to get your personal information.

There is no reason why you should keep SearchAdditionally installed. It will be nothing but a nuisance.

SearchAdditionally removal

The easiest way to remove SearchAdditionally would be to use anti-spyware programs. There are many programs compatible with your Mac so you can pick from a wide range of them. However, you can also remove SearchAdditionally manually if you prefer.

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