Total Mac Care PUP – How to remove

What is Total Mac Care?

Total Mac Care is advertised as an optimization tool for Macs that can improve the overall system performance. It is supposed to remove unnecessary items from your system, but in reality the program itself is categorized as potentially unwanted as most users acquire it by accident. Potentially unwanted apps are rarely harmful, but they also rarely deliver on their promises. If you do not wish to spend your time and money on a suspect application with no positive results in the end, we suggest that you terminate Total Mac Care without hesitation.

Total Mac Care

How does Total Mac Care work?

As we have mentioned, Total Mac Care often enters systems without the user’s notice. You may be wondering how it does that, but chances are you have already encountered this distribution method yourself. When you download freeware from third party software hosting domains, you download freeware bundles. These bundles include the program that you have actually chosen and some additional apps that have nothing to do with it. If you do not pay attention to the installation process and choose the Recommended mode, you automatically agree to installing all programs in the bundle. Usually that is how potentially unwanted apps spread online and Total Mac Care is no different.

Once inside, the program will run a system scan and show you its results afterwards. The results will undoubtedly include a number of unnecessary elements that will be presented in a much more serious way than what they are. The app may find some outdated entries and similar minor issues, which do not affect your system in any obvious way. The tool will then urge you to upgrade it to its full version in order to get rid of the issues. If you do not agree to it right away, you will get pop-ups and other messages reminding you of the supposed problem. In order to eliminate these messages, you will have to delete Total Mac Care.

How to remove Total Mac Care?

You can uninstall Total Mac Care from your computer manually or automatically. Luckily, it is not a serious infection, so you can delete Total Mac Care by following the instructions below. If, however, you want to make sure that you remove Total Mac Care and all other unwanted apps that may have entered your system with it, you should go with the automatic removal option and eliminate Total Mac Care using an anti-malware tool. The utility presented on our page will perform a full system scan and detect all unwanted or even harmful files and programs. It will then remove Total Mac Care without any difficulty and help you make sure that your system is clean from other threats as well.

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