Why you need to remove Mac Magician

What is Mac Magician?

Mac Magician is a questionable system optimization tool that can install without your explicit permission. It’s classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) because of its installation method and tendency to detect non-issues. It’s not a malicious program and should not harm your Mac, but using it is not recommended. No to mention that to use it fully, you’d need to buy the full program. This is a common tactic used by many PUPs to generate sales. In order to convince you to buy the full version, it will try to convince you that your Mac is infected with various infections, in addition to there being privacy issues. PUPs either exaggerate the issues or make them up altogether in order to convince you to make the purchase.

Mac Magician

In many cases, users install programs like Mac Magician themselves, but do it accidentally. It usually comes attached to free programs, but is hidden unless users are paying close attention to the freeware installation. It’s not difficult to prevent these unwanted programs from installing but a lot of users simply are not aware of them being there.

We do not recommend buying the program, or even using it at all. Your best option would be to delete Mac Magician.

How did Mac Magician install?

The program likely appeared suddenly and you have no recollection of installing it. That is not unusual, as PUP often use the bundling method to install unnoticed. To explain simply, PUPs come attached to free programs as extra offers, and can install without requiring your explicit permission. If you want to prevent these unwanted installations, follow the installation process when installing freeware. Most importantly, when given the option, choose Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. Unchecking all the boxes is suggested as all added offers are likely to be useless to you.

If you did install the program yourself knowingly, look into programs more carefully next time you install something. Always research programs prior to installing them to make sure they are safe.

Should you remove Mac Magician?

The program will start pestering you as soon as it installs. It will show you notifications about supposed infections on your computer, and offer to fix them. However, if you want to fix the identified issues with the program, you will be asked to purchase the full program. You cannot solve any issues until the full program is purchased.

If you take a look at the scan results, you will notice that none of the found issues are actually serious. Programs like this like to exaggerate the amount of issues on your computer and their seriousness to intimidate users into purchasing the full version. Obviously, we do not recommend that as the issues are likely non-existent. If they are, you should be able to easily solve them manually.

Mac Magician removal

You can easily uninstall Mac Magician manually. If you do not know how, refer to the below instructions to help you. If you have anti-spyware, it should also get rid of Mac Magician without issue.

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