Why you need to remove MacClean360

What is MacClean360

MacClean360 is a potentially unwanted program (PUPs) that is advertised as a system optimizer for Macs. It’s not a malicious program that will harm your Mac but it’s also not a useful one. It claims to be able to clean up your device and make it run better, but all it would do is delete a couple of files. The free version may scan the computer but to fix any of the detected issues, you’d need to buy the full program for $29.99. Since the program doesn’t really do anything, buying it would be a waste of money. You probably didn’t even install it yourself knowingly, it likely came attached to free software as an extra offer. You probably missed the offer when installing the program, hence why it was able to install.


There are loads of programs that claim to be able to optimize your Mac to make it run better, but the majority of those programs just want your money. You will not be able to use them fully without buying the full version. That by itself is not the problem. The problem is when these kinds of programs use scare tactics and show users fake scan result to pressure them into buying the programs, or when they advertise features that they don’t actually have.

Since there’s not much use in the program, consider whether you actually need it installed. It doesn’t offer many useful features and does not work unless you buy the full version. So it may best to delete MacClean360. You can download the program from the official website or some site advertising free programs. Though it would be rather weird if you stumbled upon this particular system optimizer, seeing as there are so many available, most of them much more popular. Though it is possible the program is using deceptive installation techniques, such as showing bogus alerts claiming the computer needs urgent cleaning. Those alerts are made to seem like they are legitimate Apple alerts advising you to fix your computer. For future reference, keep in mind that you should not download anything from advertisements, and do not trust those alerts that appear in your browser about issues on your computer as they are always promoting highly questionable programs.

Should you remove MacClean360?

Whether you installed it knowingly or not, you should consider whether you actually need it. It’s advertised as a system optimizer with features like junk cleaning, uninstaller, duplicate/large/old file cleaner, disk/memory/startup items managing, and a couple of privacy features. At first sight these features may seem useful but they’re nothing you can’t do yourself. And despite what the optimizer may be claiming, deleting a couple of large or old files will not actually speed up your device.

MacClean360 is not actually all that useful. It will claim your Mac has various issues but ask that you first buy the full program for $29.99 in order to use its fix features. However, the price is much too high for a program that does essentially nothing. For example, it offers an uninstaller as one of its features. It’s not difficult to uninstall program, especially on a Mac, so paying for an uninstaller is a waste. Same goes for the startup manager feature. You don’t need a system optimizer to manage your startup programs.

Furthermore, whether a Mac will benefit from a system optimization program is debatable. Most users believe they are useless program that don’t do anything. The features offered by system optimizers are mostly available on Macs for free so there is no need to install anything else.

MacClean360 removal

If you have decided that you have no use in this program, you can safely uninstall MacClean360. You should be able to do it yourself but some anti-virus programs should also detect it as a potential threat. However, in case you are not familiar with how to remove MacClean360 manually, open Finder -> Applications, find the MacClean360 icon and drag it to trash, find all related files and do the same, right-click on the trash icon in your Dock and press “Empty Trash”.Download Removal Toolto remove Why you need to remove MacClean360

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