An Israeli company claims to be able to hack any iPhone

An Israeli company claims to be able to hack any iPhone

People who are interested in cybersecurity will have likely heard about Cellebrite, an Israel-based company that helps various government and law enforcement agencies hack suspicious devices and those that belong to people of interest. The company has recently introduced a new device known as Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) Premium.

An Israeli company claims to be able to hack any iPhone

The tool description states that it will help hack any iOS device and gain access to any data that law enforcement agencies need. According to Cellebrite, the tool can hack any iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 12.3. The UFED Premium does not only work for hacking iOS, and the company states that it can extract data from most smartphones running Android, even the newest Samsung Galaxy phones.

The company claims that UFED Premium is not only capable of extracting data from devices running iOS 7 and newer version, but that it’s also the only tool that allows law enforcement to get data from Huawei, LG and Xiaomi mobile devices.

The reason the company is making such uncharacteristic and bold statements may be because of the increased Apple device security, which has already proven to be too strong for another hacking tool GrayKey, a popular tool among law enforcement agencies. It was developed by an Atlanta-based company Grayshift, which specialises in hacking iOS devices. The company has recently expanded to creating tools capable of successfully hacking devices running Android.

Apple will release the new iOS 13 version in autumn, and it will be interesting to see whether UFED Premium will be a match for Apple’s new and improved operating system.

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