Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix – How to remove

What is Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix?

Apple “Warning Virus Detected” is a technical support scam aimed at making easy money at the expense of unsuspecting users. The threat fills your screen with fake warnings claiming that you have malware on your device. The warning contains a tech support number that you are urged to call in order to fix your system problems. The number does not belong to legitimate technicians and instead connects you to cyber crooks. If you wish to get rid of the bogus alerts, you will have to terminate Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix.

Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix

How does Apple “Warning Virus Detected” work?

“Warning Virus Detected” is targeted towards iPhones, iPads and Macs. It usually appears in the Safari browser. The alert has nothing to do with Apple as the company never delivers messages through the browser. The toll-free tech support number that appears in the misleading message is actually not free at all. So, just by calling the number, you already lose money. It gets worse, however, if you actually follow the instructions given to you by the cyber criminals on the other end of the line.

They will advise you to install supposedly useful software onto your device. This software will not eliminate any issues, in fact, it will be the one causing them. The threat will collect your personal information by logging your keystrokes. Moreover, other malware may also be dropped onto your system. It could be aimed at exposing you to various ads, corrupting your data, locking your phone, and so on. Once the malware is dropped, you will then be asked to pay for the services of the so-called technical support. If you do that, your credentials will be recorded and stolen. This information may be sold to third-parties or used in other scams. Should this happen, you are very likely to suffer financial losses. There is no question that you should eliminate Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix as soon as you can.

How to remove Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix?

If you only deal with the scam when you visit a certain domain, it means that that domain cannot be trusted and that you should just stay away from it moving forward. However, if you see the scam over and over no matter where you go online, you may be dealing with adware. If you have adware on your device, it will be easy to notice, because it will flood you with ads at all times. In order to remove Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix, you will have to delete Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix related adware. You can terminate Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix related adware yourself by looking through the installed apps list and uninstalling all suspicious ones. Afterwards you should also clear your history and website data (Settings –> Safari –> Clear History & Website Data)

If you are dealing with the scam on your computer, you can go with the most reliable solution: the automatic Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix removal. You are welcome to use the security software from our site to clean your system from all possible threats.Download Removal Toolto remove Apple “Warning Virus Detected” Mac scam fix - How to remove

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