ESET Antivirus for MAC Review

While Macs are less likely to become infected with malware than Windows, they aren’t invincible. If you have noticed your Mac behaving strangely, or you just want to be sure your device is clean, maybe it’s time to shop around for anti-virus for your Mac. Below you will find a review of anti-malware software ESET based on 6 criteria: protection, effect on device’s performance, user interface, extra features, compatibility, and price. These are the most important criteria to take into account when choosing the right anti-virus program for Macs.

Eset Mac Antivirus

ESET anti-virus for Mac review

ESET anti-virus likely requires no introduction, seeing as it has been protecting millions of users for the past 30 years. It’s one of the most well-known security programs, and is the go-to solution for those looking for trustworthy and time-tested protection.

ESET anti-virus for Mac is a powerful tool that protects against a variety of different threats like viruses, spyware, malware and ransomware. It’s also not just an anti-virus program for your Mac, as it provides extra features like a personal firewall, parental controls and removable media control.

ESET for Mac Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface;

  • Does not affect your Mac’s performance in a negative way;

  • Not overly expensive;

  • Good extra features;

  • 30-day free trial.


  • No VPN;

  • Basic plan lacks important features.

  • No website filtering

ESET protection for Macs

ESET anti-virus protects Macs from all types of malware, including viruses, spyware, rootkits, trojans, and ransomware. It will also detect potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that, while not necessarily harmful, may not have your best interests in mind. And the real-time security feature will detect malware as it’s trying get in, preventing potential damage it could cause.

Web protection will prevent you from entering dangerous websites, and an anti-phishing feature will warn you when you’re about to enter your login credentials into a phishing page. The anti-phishing feature is particularly important because phishing websites can look identical to legitimate ones so it may be difficult to notice if you’re not looking for it.

ESET provides more than adequate protection for Mac computers, which is not surprising considering they’ve been in the business since 1987.

Effect on device’s performance

It is important that an anti-virus program does not have serious impact on device’s performance when running. It used to be a rather big issue in the past, particularly for Mac computers, but today’s anti-virus programs rarely have noticeable negative impact. ESET didn’t have this problem then, and it doesn’t have it now. You will barely notice ESET anti-virus running in the background, whether it’s performing a scan or just monitoring your Mac for threats.

User interface

ESET has always had a very clean, user-friendly, straight to the point kind of design. It’s not cluttered with unnecessary information, clearly separates sections, and is easy to navigate. It’s easy to launch both regular and advanced scans, as well as schedule one. It also easy to enable/disable extra features that are available to you as part of your subscription plan.

ESet mac

Extra features

  • Removable media control –  Removable media control will block unknown USB flash drives and other media to prevent unauthorized copying of your data.
  • Presentation mode – This feature will prevent disruptive behaviour (pop-ups) when you’re using full-screen applications.
  • Personal Firewall –  A personal firewall permits you to monitor your network connection, and can prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer.
  • Parental Control – If you have children, this feature will allow you to have more control over what your child sees on the Internet as you will be able to block unwanted content/websites.
  • Free Support in local language – Email and telephone support will be provided in your local language.


  • ESET is compatible with most Mac operating systems. However, it does not currently support iOS.


You can find different plans for ESET, and purchase additional packages.

eset mac price

The plans for Mac computers are:

  • ESET Cyber Security for Mac. This subscription plan is €33.00/year, and €52.78/two years. It includes protection from viruses and phishing, and removable media control.
  • ESET Cyber Security Pro for Mac. This subscription plan is offered for €44.00/year, and €70.39/two years. It includes the same features as the previous plan, as well as a personal firewall and parental control.

ESET plans for Macs are rather customizable, you can specify how many devices you want to protect, for how long, etc. So we recommend checking out all the offers before buying a subscription.

It should be noted that ESET may have promotional offers with much lower prices. Keep in mind that if you purchase a year’s subscription with the discount, the next time you are billed, you will pay the full price. When purchasing anti-virus subscriptions, remember that some subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled. If you purchased a one year subscription, once that year is up, you may be billed again. Thus, when purchasing a subscription, check whether it will be renewed automatically, and cancel if needed.


ESET has been in the security industry for 30 years so they definitely know what they are doing. If you’re looking for a strong, affordable program with a good reputation, ESET Cyber security for Macs may be for you. They offer protection against viruses, spyware, trojans, ransomware, etc., as well as provide additional features that will keep you Mac device safe while you’re browsing the Internet. It does lack a few features that can be found in other anti-virus programs, namely a VPN, but ESET is still a powerful program.

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