Norton MAC Antivirus Review

While Macs are less likely to become infected with malware than Windows, they aren’t invincible. If you have noticed your Mac behaving strangely, or you just want to be sure your device is clean, maybe it’s time to shop around for Antivirus for your Mac. Below you will find a review of anti-malware software Norton Security based on 6 criteria: protection, effect on device’s performance, user interface, extra features, compatibility, and price. These are the most important criteria to take into account when choosing the right Antivirus program for Mac computers.

Norton Security review

Norton Security review

Owned by software company Symantec, Norton Security is not only one of the biggest names in the industry, it also has been protecting users since 1991. It provides great protection from a wide range of malware and other threats, and offers extensive security features for Mac computers. It’s usually near the top in security program rankings, so you can be sure that Norton Security will protect your Mac.


Among the extra features, you will find a VPN, a smart firewall, and a cleaning tool. The features are part of different plans, which are not overly expensive. There are also good promotional offers that can help you save a lot of money.

Norton Security for Mac Pros & Cons


  • Great promotional prices, and a 30-day free trial available;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Plenty of extra features, including a VPN, to enhance security.


  • Pop-ups for other Symantec products can get annoying.
  • Can impact speed of your Mac
  • Pricey

Norton Security protection

Norton Security anti-malware will protect your Mac from a wide range of malware, from rather minor threats like adware, to particularly serious ones like ransomware. It not only detects malware that’s already inside your computer, but it also has real-time protection which constantly monitors your computer for incoming threats and can prevent serious damage. The program also offers phishing website protection which would prevent you from entering your login credentials on phishing websites designed to steal your data.

It’s safe to say Norton Security provides more than sufficient security from malware, less serious threats, and phishing attempts. Additional Mac security programs are certainly not necessary.

Effect on device’s performance

For many users, Antivirus programs are often associated with computer performance issues, particularly if your Mac is older. Usually, you can immediately know when an Antivirus is running a scan because the computer’s performance is noticeably affected in negative way. And if you’re performing a full scan, it can take a while to complete.

Fortunately, Norton Security does not affect the computer in a very noticeable way. Unless you are using a Mac that is already running pretty slow, you shouldn’t notice Norton operating in the background.

User interface

A user-friendly interface is an important part of a security program. If users find the program too complicated to use, it will do them little good. Everything needs to be clearly displayed so that users with little computer knowledge can find the features they need.

Norton User Interface

Fortunately, Norton Security does have a simple, user-friendly interface. Right from the very beginning, it’s not difficult to set up, nor is it difficult to use. The design is pretty simple, and features are separated into different sections to make accessing them easier. Overall, we like the design and the interface, and think most users will too.

Extra features

Antivirus programs for Mac computers don’t necessarily come loaded with extra features. However, Norton does not neglect its Mac version and offers some great features.

  • Smart Firewall –  All plans include a smart firewall feature. It monitors your network activities, and can block unauthorized traffic.
  • VPN – A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to browse more securely and privately. It provides an extra layer of security, and also allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. This feature can be purchased at an additional cost, or if you take advantage of the promotional offers for Norton plans.
  • Automatic Backup –  If the Automatic backup feature is included in your plan, you can set it up to automatically back up photos, documents or anything else you hold important.
  • Identity Safe –  Identity Safe is essentially a safe place to keep sensitive information. You can also use it as a password manager to keep all your passwords secure.


Norton Security is compatible with most Mac operating systems. It’s also available for iOS.


Norton MAC Price

Norton Security offers 3 different plans for Mac users:

  • Norton Security Standard for Mac. This is the cheapest option and it offers the most basic features. For a promotional price of €29.99/year (the usual price is €59.99/year), Norton security offers protection against malware, viruses, ransomware; and a smart firewall. The promotional price is valid for the first year only, the full price of €59.99 will be charged after that. There is also an option to purchase a two-year subscription for the promotional price of €69.99 (the usual price is €119.99/two years), but the full amount of €119.99 will be charged after two years.
  • Norton Security Deluxe for Mac. This plan has two versions. The first one is offered for the promotion price of €39.99/year or €109.99/two years (the usual price is €79.99/year and €159.99/two years). You are offered the same features as the Standard offer but may protect up to 5 devices as opposed to just 1. The second version of Norton Security Deluxe is offered for the promotional price of €39.99/year (the usual price is €99.98/year), and is essentially the same as the other version but also includes a Norton Security VPN.
  • Norton Security Premium for Mac. The is the most expensive option for the promotional price of €49.99/year or €129.99/two years (the usual price is €89.99/year or €179.99/two years). Premium offers protection for up to 10 devices, all already mentioned features, and backup options. That means your photos, financial and other important files will automatically be backed up if you wish to use the feature. Norton Security offers a 30-day trial so if you are unsure about whether Norton is for you, try either the Deluxe or Premium free trials.
  • Important. Keep in mind that all promotional prices are valid for the first year only (or the first two years if you purchase a two-year subscription). Once the subscription period ends, you will be charged the full price automatically. If you do not wish to continue using the program after one year (or two), you will need to cancel the subscription prior to being billed.


Norton Security is a great option for those looking not only for malware protection for their Macs but for a sense of security when browsing the web. The anti-phishing feature will prevent you from accidentally giving away your personal information to crooks, the firewall will allow you to monitor your network traffic, and the VPN will maintain your privacy while you’re browsing the Internet. All the while your computer will be protected from all kinds of malware.

Compared to other Mac Antivirus programs, Norton security for Mac is definitely a good bargain. It provides loads of different features, and has promotional offers that can help save a lot of money. Overall, it’s certainly recommended.

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