Quick Mac Fixer Malware – How to remove

What is Quick Mac Fixer Malware

Quick Mac Fixer Malware refers to a highly questionable system optimization program. While technically it’s not malware, many users refer to it as such due to its questionable behaviour and installation methods. It’s advertised as a system optimizer for Mac computers and claims to clean the computer from junk, which would supposedly improve the computer’s performance. However, in reality, it barely does anything.

Quick Mac Fixer Malware

When it installs, it will scan your computer and display worrying scan results. The results will show that your computer has a lot of issues but to fix them, you’d be asked to buy the full version of the program. Tricking users into buying the full version is the main goal of Quick Mac Fixer and similar programs. The program costs €14.49 per month, which would be a ridiculous price even if the program actually did anything. Buying the program would be a waste of money. Instead, you should delete Quick Mac Fixer Malware.

The free version of the program may install on your computer without your explicit permission, via freeware bundles. Many unwanted programs are distributed this way because the method allows them to install essentially without users’ permission.

Quick Mac Fixer is distributed via freeware bundles

Users often avoid downloading these kinds of programs, which is why their developers use software bundling to spread them. Software bundling is adding additional offers (often adware, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs) to free software. The offers are set to install alongside automatically, unless users manually prevent them. However, because the offers are hidden, most users aren’t even aware of them. Fortunately, you can easily stop these unwanted installations in the future.

When installing a free program, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. If you continue in Basic or Default, whatever has been added to the program will install alongside. In Advanced, you will be able to deselect the offers. Simply uncheck the offers and only then continue the installation.

The program has an official site but it is very unlikely that you would come across this particular program when looking for a system optimizer. In the unlikely scenario that that is the case, you should be more cautious about programs you install in the future. A simple search with Google would give you plenty of results recommending users delete Quick Mac Fixer Malware. Always research programs before installing them, as otherwise your computer will be full of junk programs.

Why you should get rid of this program

The program is advertised as a system optimizer that will clean up your Mac. Its features include cache manager, one touch cleanup, logs manager, trash manager, uninstall, etc. While it may seem like the program has a lot of features, everything it does you can do yourself manually without any difficulties.

As soon as it installs on your Mac, it will show you scan results with loads of detected issues. The number of supposedly identified problems will be in the hundreds, if not thousands. While the number may seem alarming, if you were to take a closer look at the scan results, you’d see that every file is detected as a separate issue. For example, if you had 10 files in your trash, the program would detect 10 issues.

The program very clearly targets users who have little experience with managing computers. The program costs €15/month, and paying that amount of money to delete a few files from the bin or clear the cache would be a complete waste of money. And while the program may present the issues as serious problems that hinder your Mac’s performance, such minor things actually have no effect on how your computer performs.

Many users believe system optimizers are completely unnecessary. If you think your Mac would benefit from such a program, there are far better options available. Simply do in-depth research before downloading to make sure you install a reliable program.

Quick Mac Fixer Malware removal

The easiest way to remove Quick Mac Fixer Malware would be to use anti-spyware software. The program would take care of everything, including deleting all of the program component files. You can also uninstall Quick Mac Fixer Malware manually, but you will need to make sure all of its files are removed.Download Removal Toolto remove Quick Mac Fixer Malware - How to remove

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