Remove Apple Rewards Program

What is Apple Rewards Program

Apple Rewards Program refers to a scam that’s trying to trick Apple users into revealing their personal information and making payments. It’s a fairly typical scam that claims users have a chance of winning a prize if they take part in a short survey. In this case, the scam claims Apple wants to reward loyal users and offers an iPhone 11 Pro if they pay a small fee. While the thought of receiving a new smartphone may seem appealing, know that this is merely a scam. Scammers are aiming to get your personal information, as well as money. The personal information could then be used to perform more scam, but this time targeting your personally.

Apple Rewards Program

Pop-ups and redirects showing these kinds of scams are very common. They are usually shown either by adware or by high-risk websites. If you notice that you are constantly shown the ads promoting this scam, you may have adware installed. It’s a pretty minor infection that enters computer via free software bundles. They essentially come attached to free software as extra offers, and unless users manually deselect them, they are able to install alongside. If you continue reading, we will explain this in more detail. Keep in mind that if you are dealing with adware, it will need to be uninstalled to remove Apple Rewards Program.

Is Apple Rewards Program legitimate?

When you encounter giveaways on the Internet, you should always be skeptical. And if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is the case with the Apple Rewards Program as well. It doesn’t look particularly convincing either, especially if you have encountered these kinds of scams before.

You will be randomly redirected when browsing, and the pop-up window will claim you have been given a chance to participate in the Apple Rewards Program because of your loyalty to Apple products. It further claims that people are rewarded regularly, and all they need to do is answer a few questions in a survey. The questions are usually related to Apple device usage, such as what device are you using now. Whatever you answer, you will be informed that you have won the iPhone 11 Pro. The scam also has a time limit of a couple of minutes in order to pressure users into reacting without a second thought.

The scam will claim that in order for you to get the prize, you need to provide your personal information. If this was an actual giveaway, providing your full name, phone number, email address, and home address would not be unusual, so if users have not noticed that Apple Rewards Program is a scam before, they would not notice when asked for personal information. Furthermore, the scam would request that you pay some sum of money in order to receive the iPhone 11 Pro. The sum can vary between $10 to $100.

For future reference, keep in mind that no legitimate company like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., will ever host a giveaway like this. They do not randomly select people to win prizes just for being loyal customers. Ever single one of these “You have won” or “You have a chance to win” pop-ups are scams that want your personal information and money.

Why are these scam pop-ups appearing on your screen

There are two possible reasons for these scams pop-ups appearing on your screen. You either have adware installed or you were redirected to it when you were visiting a certain site.

High-risk websites, usually ones hosting pirated and adult content often host a lot of questionable ads, and merely interacting with the site could trigger a pop-up/redirect. If that is how you were redirected, as long as you avoid those kinds of sites or at least have adblocker installed, you should be okay.

However, if you are constantly redirected, seemingly randomly even when browsing safe sites, you are likely dealing with adware. Adware is a minor infection that often comes attached to free software as an extra offer. It’s permitted to install alongside, unless you manually prevent it from doing so. Fortunately, that is not difficult to do. When installing freeware, select Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default, and if any added offers become visible, all you need to do is uncheck the boxes of those offers.

If you were redirected when using a smartphone, you were likely browsing a questionable website and clicked on something. Simply close the new window and avoid these kinds of sites.

Apple Rewards Program removal

If you are dealing with adware, you will need to get rid of it to delete Apple Rewards Program redirects. We strongly suggest using anti-spyware software for that because adware can be annoying to get rid of manually.

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