Remove Nonamefca “VIRUS FOUND” Alerts

Nonamefca “VIRUS FOUND” Alerts

Nonamefca “VIRUS FOUND” Alerts refers to bogus alerts on Nonamefca websites that claim your Mac computer is infected with something malicious. There are many Nonamefca websites, such as and, and they’re all promoting scams or scammy programs. If you are redirected to the site, you would see a virus alert claiming that your computer is infected with something. You would be offered to download a special program that would get rid of the infection for you. However, instead of a security program, what you would actually download is a useless program that would try to trick you into purchasing its full version, or malware.

Nonamefca VIRUS FOUND Alerts

You are likely already aware of this, but every single one of these “Virus found” or “You have a virus” notifications that appear in your browser are scams. There are no exceptions, so you can close them without worry. However, you should look into why you were shown such a notification in the first place. If you were visiting a certain website and were redirected when you clicked on something, it’s likely nothing to worry about. However, if you get redirected randomly, and it has happened multiple times, you may have adware installed on your Mac. It’s not a serious infection but it’s an annoying one. If adware is indeed the cause, you will need to get rid of it to remove Nonamefca “VIRUS FOUND” Alerts from your screen permanently.

Adware could be causing the redirects to Nonamefca sites

If your Mac is infected with adware, you should notice an increase in advertisements appearing on your screen. If you’re constantly redirected to Nonamefca sites out of the blue, you probably did accidentally install adware. This happens all the time because adware uses software bundling to install. It basically is attached to popular free programs, and when users install those free programs, the adware installs as well. Since anything attached to the program is hidden from users during installation, most users are not aware that they are installing something they did not agree to.

If you want to prevent such unwanted installations in the future, you need to pay attention to how you install programs. When given the option, make sure you opt for Advanced (Custom) settings instead of Default. Those settings will make everything added visible, and you will have the option of deselecting it/them. Only after you uncheck the boxes should you continue installing the program.

If you only got the pop-up once or twice, and it happened when you were visiting questionable websites, you were probably redirected by the site. If you do not visit questionable sites or at least install adblock and block pop-ups, you should be fine.

Alerts shown on Nonamefca sites are scams

When you are redirected to a Nonamefca website, you’re shown a pop-up that claims your Mac is infected with a virus. We have encountered such as messages as “A website you visited today has infected your Mac with a virus”, “VIRUS FOUND”, “Press OK to begin the repair process”. The alerts sometimes claim to have performed a scan of your computer, which is how they supposedly detected the virus, but that is all untrue. Whatever such alerts claims, it’s a lie.

Such fake notifications usually want you to download and install supposed repair tools, which are actually either useless or are malicious. If you download a program that is made to seem like it’s a security tool, you’ll likely be asked to purchase the full version before you can do anything. However, those programs end up being useless, thus it’s a waste of money. Malware can also be spread via these fake virus notifications so you need to be careful.

It’s worth mentioning that your browser will never display a legitimate virus notification. You should only trust legitimate security tools to give you reliable information about infections on your Mac.

Nonamefca “VIRUS FOUND” Alerts removal

If the alert appeared once or twice, you have nothing to worry about. However, if it’s appearing regularly, you need to scan your Mac for adware. The infection would need to be uninstalled to delete Nonamefca “VIRUS FOUND” Alerts permanently.

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