Remove “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam

What is “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp”?

“Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” is a scam aimed at mobile devices and computers, which adds fake events to your Google calendar. The fake events claims that your free iPhone is ready and that you should enter your delivery address to get it. The scam also gives you a time limit of 2 hours to put pressure on the user. Other versions of the scam include “Your XsMax Is Ready For PickUp” and “Your iPhoneX Is Ready For PickUp” that function in the same way. The scam tries to trick users into sharing their personal details. We urge you not to do that and, instead, make sure that you eliminate “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam from your browsers.

Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp

How does “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam work?

“Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam spreads online through spam emails. The fact that everyone gets spam emails on a daily basis is nothing new, however, in most cases, they just go to your spam folder and you do not even know of their existence unless you specifically go to that folder and open them. Unfortunately, this scam finds a way around that. Gmail adds events from your emails to your Calendar automatically, which is how the misleading information presented in the spam email appears in your calendar.

As with any other scam, the best thing you can do is to stay away from it. You should not click on any links, call any numbers, or enter any of your personal details anywhere. If you follow any of the instructions provided to you in the scam, you may suffer financial losses and other undesirable consequences. You can change your Google settings, so that nothing is automatically added to your events. You can also mark the fake event as spam to delete “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam.

How to remove “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam?

If you wish to terminate “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam and other scams or suspicious ads, you should make sure that you have reliable anti-malware on your computer. You are welcome to acquire the anti-malware from our site to check if you have any adware on your computer, which could be exposing you to fake ads. You can use the malware remover to delete “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam related adware and clean the system from other threats that may be on it. The utility will also help you stay safe online moving forward so that you do not have to deal with “Your IPhoneXs Is Ready For PickUp” Scam removal or any other malign content again.


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