Your Mac is infected with 3 viruses

What is the Your Mac is infected with 3 viruses alert

Your Mac is infected with 3 virusesĀ is a fake error message that falsely claims your Mac computer has 3 malware infections. These bogus messages either try to convince users to call the provided numbers (tech-support scams) or want them to install a supposed anti-virus program which later turns out to be malware. These fake alerts are very common, and while there are variations of it, they’re all essentially the same. They try to scare users by claiming their computers are infected with serious malware which is stealing information, and then offer a program to fix the issues.

Your Mac is infected with 3 viruses

Generally, the redirects to these fake alerts are caused by adware. If it’s not adware, you were likely redirected by the site you were visiting. If it’s the latter, the redirects should stop after you exit the site. However, if they keep appearing, you’re definitely dealing with adware. Fortunately it’s not a serious computer infection and will not harm your computer. However, the sooner you get rid of it, the better as that is the only way to remove Your Mac is infected with 3 viruses alert.

Why are you seeing the fake alerts

There are two reasons why you could be seeing the fake alerts, your Mac either has adware installed or you were visiting a questionable website. Adware can install unnoticed so before the fake alerts started appearing you might not have even noticed it being there. If you’re wondering how the adware installed, it probably was attached to a free program you installed. This is called software bundling. Popular free programs come together with additional offers and unless you manually deselect them, they will install alongside. In many cases, users do not deselect them because they are not aware of them being there in the first place. If you want to make the offers visible, you need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings, unlike Default, will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. All you need to do is uncheck the boxes.

The redirect could have also been caused by the site you were visiting. If that is the case, you should only be redirected that one time. As long as you avoid the sites causing the redirects, you shouldn’t have an issue.

Is the alert dangerous?

A pop-up will appear and inform you about a supposed infection on your computer. This particular fake alerts claims that your computer is infected with 3 viruses, 2 malware and 1 phishing/spyware to be more precise. The message claims that your device is at risk, and there’s a high chance you will lose your apps, photos, files, and your personal/banking information will be stolen. According to the fake alert, the only way to stop this from happening is to download the offered program, which is advertised as an official Apple security app.

While the notification may appear legitimate at first sight, if you took a closer look you’d see the grammar mistakes, the weird English and just general lack of logic. This, and the fact that Apple does not warn users about malware, makes it very obvious that you are dealing with a scam. The supposed security program you are offered by the alert will either turn out to be some kind of potentially unwanted system optimizer or an actual malware program.

Keep in mind that Apple does not show you notifications about malware, nor does it block your computer if there is actual malware on your device. And you should only trust anti-virus software to show you virus alerts. All alerts about malware appearing in your browser will be scams.

Your Mac is infected with 3 viruses removal

If the pop-up appeared that one time, you should be fine as long as you avoid sites that cause them. Or install adblock. However, if you have adware, you will need to get rid of it to delete Your Mac is infected with 3 viruses alert. The easiest way would be to use anti-spyware software as it would do everything for you.

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